Wink Hotels’ The Dot Magazine Press Release

August 8, 2019

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, August 2019–Wink Hotels is one of the best hotels in Saigon and is a new Vietnamese hospitality brand emerging in Indochina that takes a bold approach to affordable luxury in the region. The brand caters to modern, aspirational travelers, offering high-quality experiences that are grounded in the local destination. Wink Hotels is the first hotel product of Indochina Vanguard Hotels Pte Ltd, a joint venture established in 2016 between Indochina Capital Corporation, an innovative leader in Vietnam’s rapidly growing real estate, financial services, and capital markets, and Singapore- based Vanguard Hotels Pte Ltd. Already two Wink Hotels are under construction in Danang but the first will open in the Summer of 2020 at 75 Nguyen Binh Khiem in Ho Chi Minh’s District 1.

Before the opening of the first Wink Hotel Saigon in the Summer of 2020, the group launched their bilingual online lifestyle publication, The Dot Magazine ( and The online wink magazine is a cultural guide to Vietnam with music mixes, city guides, radio shows, podcasts, and much more. And to celebrate the launch Wink hosted a party at Bam Bam, one of Ho Chi Minh City’s coolest lounges.

Wink Hotels invited 180 special guests to Bam Bam to enjoy guest Vietnamese artists. The Observatory’s resident DJ Park ING and French-Vietnamese DJ and producer Dan Nodey opened with their sets. One of Vietnam’s most famous dance crews MK then dazzled the audience with a tutting and breaking routine. Beatbox Champion of Asia Thai Son performed next, followed by German-Vietnamese singer Tuimi, who put out a single by the name of “Menina” the same week. The performances were capped off by Dat Maniac, who holds the record for being the fastest rapper in Vietnam and who blew guests’ minds with his set. Guests even got to see an unreleased collaboration between Dat Maniac and Tuimi!

At the entrance, guests were greeted with amenities that exhibited the playfulness that typifies the brand. There was a Wink cart, a modern version of an old-school trolley stocked with sponsored guest gifts, and a tamarind cotton candy stall manned by award-winning chef Peter Cuong Franklin’s team from Anan Restaurant Saigon. These popular Vietnamese icons reminded guests of dreamy childhood days.

Then they walked through the entrance. There, Bam Bam’s nightclub atmosphere transported guests to the current, modern Saigon. Hip, young, dynamic, and homegrown. An arcade-style claw machine allowed guests to win sponsored prizes, and live entertainment drove the event.