Wink Hotels Starts a Revolution in Vietnamese Hospitality: Casting Calls Used for Recruitment Instead of Interviews
March 3, 2021

Ho Chi Minh City, 3 March 2021 – Wink Hotels, a revolutionary new hospitality brand, which aims to redefine affordable luxury in Vietnam, has dispensed with traditional recruitment processes used by the industry. Created for the Indochine 2.0 generation, the homegrown hotel group will mirror the same mindset through its team of Wink Guides. In preparation for the opening of Wink Hotel Saigon Centre @ 75 Nguyen Binh Khiem, a Casting Day was held to recruit passionate service associates, who possess the natural flair to individualise guest experiences, share local knowledge and tell their own stories.  

Distinctively Vietnamese, Wink Hotels in Saigon is differentiated by its contemporary ethos of chic and creative design, deep functionality and traditional Vietnamese values. Quá đnh! Wink’s pillars include genuine and casual customer service as well as stellar guest experience.  

In a disruptive move to discover new hospitality talents who will lead the Wink revolution, a Casting Day was staged to recruit service stars for frontline guest touch points. The mandate for Wink Guides is to serve as centralized contacts to avoid multiple chain of interactions. These natural hosts have the intuitive ability to ensure a seamless guest experience and genuine, local immersion from their native perspectives. 

The casting objective was simple: discover the best talents to deliver the most memorable Wink hotel experiences. Looking beyond the curriculum vitae and working experience, Wink seeks to hire authentic and inherently passionate individuals who can consistently create memorable moments for guests.    

For the audition, interested applicants were invited to submit a one-minute video with self-introduction and creative reasons why they make a great Wink Guide. Through the process, potential Wink Guides get to learn about the property and vice versa. Over a 30-day social campaign, the casting call generated a total of 65 video submissions with 60 successful applicants invited for auditions and final selection. 

Successful applicants being their journeys as a Wink Hotel Guide after thoughtful induction to Wink Hotels’ brand philosophy and service standards. Over several months, intensive trainings and workshops have nurtured a brilliant team of Wink Guides, who are competent in international service standards while retaining their distinctive Vietnamese style of hospitality. 

Wink Hotels Saigon is a lifestyle movement, a community of one where everyone is welcome and connected. This unique service concept is personified by our Wink Guides, who mirror the upwardly mobile entrepreneurs and dynamic young-at-heart Vietnamese population,” said Micheal Piro, Chief Executive Officer of Wink Hotels. “We are not looking to fill job titles but individuals with natural ability to deliver engaging experiences. Hospitality background may be useful but being passionate is essential for a Wink Guide. We want Vietnam’s new generation of service rock stars. Traditional interviews would defeat our purpose.”  9

Wink Hotel Saigon Centre @ 75 Nguyen Binh Khiem will debut on 24 March 2021. Located in Ho Chi Minh City’s vibrant Da Kao ward in District 1, the property features 237 space-efficient rooms fitted with a power shower and comfortable bed that match the best in the world, including premium linens and mattresses by Catherine Denoual Maison.  

Wink Hotels has announced a pipeline of 20 hotels within the next five to seven years. After Wink Hotel Saigon Centre’s debut, the 243-room Wink Hotel Danang Centre is scheduled to open in Q2 of 2022 followed by the 322-room Wink Hotel Danang Riverside, part of a mixed-use complex along the Hàn River. The expansion plan covers the capital Hanoi, as well as other cities like Can Tho, Hai Phong and Vung Tau to name a few. 

Wink Hotels is conceived by developer, Indochina Kajima, operated by Indochina Vanguard.  Both are joint venture companies between Indochina Capital and Kajima Corporation and Vanguard Hotels respectively. 

The search for Vietnam’s new generation of hospitality stars continues.  In preparation for Wink Hotel Saigon Centre’s official opening on 24 March 2021 and the group’s aggressive expansion plan, more Vietnamese talents are needed.  Aspiring Wink Guides are invited to submit their videos to: together with a curriculum vitae and wait for the casting call!  Quy lên nào! 

Please click here for more information about Wink Hotel Saigon Centre. 

To access high-resolution images of the hotel and Casting Day, please click here. 


About Wínk Hotels 

Wink Hotels Saigon is Vietnam’s first locally-born, international-standard hospitality brand. This vibrant brand reflects the spirit of the Vietnamese people and takes inspiration from modern Vietnamese travelers who live and work in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. Each Wink hotel provides a dynamic “affordable luxury” experience, and showcases the heart and soul of the destination with art-inspired interiors and by connecting guests to the upbeat local vibe. Wink Hotels is brought to you by a landmark partnership between developer, Indochina Kajima, and operator, Indochina Vanguard. Indochina Kajima is owned by Indochina Capital and Kajima Corporation while Indochina Vanguard is owned by Indochina Capital, Vanguard Hotels, and Kajima Corporation.  The first Wink Hotel opened in March 2021. Its principals plan to expand Wink to as many as 20 locations in the next five to seven years in major Vietnamese cities and beyond. For more information, please visit 


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