See Indochina with fresh eyes.


A whirlwind of innovation.

A revolutionary disruption in hospitality. A step-up to stylish local living. A brand of hotels and residences that embraces Indochina’s old and new traditions. It celebrates modernity and history. It transforms affordable luxury. It entices and excites savvy travellers. It’s W;nk.


Zoom in on the first Wink.

In Saigon, the city of bold contrasts. In between the soulful alleys in District 1. In touch with the latest tech and trends. The first Wink will launch in 2019. Think immaculate lines and simple design. Anticipate smart working spaces and robust local food. Welcome Wink. Quẩy lên nào!


Swing into wink hotels. Sink into modern comforts.

Clean lines. Cool spaces with a lived-in look. A pop of colour here and there. Wink Hotels is a new lifestyle brand that is stirred to innovate. Slide into our sleek lobby and see for yourself. Like a vast living room, it’s comfortable and multifunctional. Plug in anytime at our smart co-working area. Stay connected. Fuel up with caffeine and soul food. Treat Wink as your nucleus in every city. We get you.


Step into our Shophouse corner.

Celebrating locality, Wink adopts the shophouse living tradition into every hotel. Only more streamlined and stylish. Step into the retail space, you will find all the neighbourhood gems –from artisan coffee and craft beer to antique photographs and handcrafted chocolate. Wander over and check out what we’ve got in store.


Move into Wink residences.

Wink Residences redefines the perfect rest in the busiest neighbourhood. Minimalistic design. Simple tech. Easy comfort. Each room is an upgrade, fashioned with multifunctional furniture, clever storage and cool gadgets. Achieve your dream of living in a smart home. Tap and you’re in.


Nod to a new mode. A wink experience.

Wink sets the stage for the cool mishmash of Indochina’s old and new traditions. Stride across our tasteful lobby and sink into a comfy couch by the sleek glass walls. Digital check-in. Stellar local art. Strong coffee culture. Slurp. Savour steamy pho. Ready for a new adventure? Swipe. A car is on its way. Wink partners with ride-sharing apps, offering you promo codes. Simple, fast and tech-driven, we are always a few speedy taps ahead.

The duet in play.

Vanguard Hotels, a pioneering owner and operator of dynamic hotel brands in Southeast Asia. Indochina Capital, one of leading investment firms in asset management in the region. Experts in their domains, the two formed a joint venture to establish Wink.